Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial
Queens Way, Maidan

West Bengal 700071
+91 33 2223 1890
from inside India dial 033 2223 1890

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Victoria Memoria Kolkata in the Indian State of West Bengal
is a large marble building dedicated to the memory of Queen Victoria..

The Site was built 1906 and 1921
The museum is managed by the Indian Ministry of Culture.
The architect was William Emerson (1843–1924).

Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria (1819 - 1901)
was the Queen of the United Kingdom and Ireland
1876 she also adopted the title Empress of India.
Victoria had nine children.
She is the grandmother of Alix Hessen, the last Tsarina of Russia
and George V, King of England (grandfather of Queen Elisabth II)

Souvenirs from Queen Victoria Memorial

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