Starbucks came from Seattle to Cremerie de Paris
to launch "Chilled Classics"
through a cool Pop Up Cafe
only open for two days.
Chilled Classics are Starbucks products
you can buy in supermarkets or gas stations.

Cremerie de Paris is a historic Telecom Location
from where are edited the Whitepages of several countries including India.
But Telecom activities started long before
the 1990 arrival of the Internet of the 1870 invention of the Phone / Phone Books.

1671 started at the Cremerie de Paris
a company that turned into the Royal French Postal Services
for King Louis XIV. Horses were carrying mail
from Cremerie de Paris to hundreds of Post relais
owned by the postal families Pajot & Rouillé and Thurn & Taxis.

When a message was really important
Louis XIV liked to come in person
so he could be sure nobody in his entourage
would intercept his letter.

Louis XIV childLouis XIV child
The Sunking who lived in the Castle of Versailles
loved Cremerie de Paris he had already know 1646 as a child.

At the time the future home of and the Starbucks Pop Up Cafe
was owned by his teacher Nicolas V de Villeroy.
As a child Louis XIV did not know about coffee,
which was still unknown in France.
He discovered the drink in 1669 thanks to Soliman Aga,
ambassador of Turkey in France.

Can you imagine how much the young Bourbon King
would have been fascinated to see the Starbucks Pop Up Cafe.
The delicious Starbucks, the set up of the Expo, fridges that did not exist at his time
and of course all the cute girls hanging around.

Cremerie de Paris has seen many many inventions.
Becoming one of the first Internet Cafes it lived the arrival of the web.
At the time American tech pioneers travelling through Paris had a hard time
to find an Internet connection still unknow at Hotels.
They somehow arrived at the Cremerie de Paris.
At the cafe the expression "White Pages" was registered for many countries.
Another invention was the Phone Book of the
and the Brand Portal first registered in 1991 is one of the 676 Two Letter Domains.
Starbucks is one of the iconic brands on (Very Beautiful)
The White Pages project was initiated by Aimee de Heeren,
an woman that had been part of a fascinating Telecom history.
As a young woman she had met the inventor of the phone Professor Bell
Working as a secret sevice agent in WW2,
she had met a mutitude of inventors through the entire 20th century.

Buzz Aldrin who was on the Apollo 11 flight to the Moon with Neil Armstrong
came to see her every time he was in Paris.
Of course Aimee was a fan of many Starbucks Cafés.

2011 Cremerie de Paris was converted into a Pop Up Store location.
Now becoming a place where new inventions are products
are introduced to the press
and the fans of the respective companies.

Starbucks is one of the many famous brands
to have set up an expo. Some expos are so original
they enter the centuries old history of the Cremerie
and they continue to be seen on the Whitepages.

Starbucks Seattle
Starbucks was founded in 1971 in Seattle.
1976 the first cafe mooved to 1912 Pike Place Market.
If ever you should traved to America's pacific coast
you should visit ithis iconic Starbucks cafe.

Starbucks Mumbai 2012 Starbucks opened the first cafe in India
in corporation with the Indian company Tata Beverages.
It is located in Mumbai in th Elphinstone Building.
Tata Beverages is part of the Indian conglomerate Tata Group
founded in 1868 by Jamsetji Tata.

2013 Starbucks added it's first roasting and packaging plant in Coorg, Karnataka.

Starbucks at Cremerie de Paris 2016 mai 27 and 28 opened,
for two days only, the Starbucks Pop Up Cafe at Cremerie de Paris.
The mission of the Pop Up Cafe was to introduce "Chilled Classics"

When entering Cremerie de Paris N°1,
visitors had to walk through a cold room
where thay could see the delicious Chilled Classics.
They then entered a Starbucks Cafe which was designed for only two days.
In the cafe was another fridge also serving as a photocall,
opening the fridge a pictures was taken.

A snapshot Video was made during the Expo.
At the end you see Ben Solms, the editor of as a Starbucks waiter
walking down the Royal staircase of Cremerie de Paris
where all the Bourbon Kings of France have been a long time ago.

The expo was designed by Extreme Events,
a company that loves to add technology to events
and that has also desiged a Siemens Pop Up Store
at Cremerie de Paris.

2018 Amazon came to Cremerie de Paris
to openi a real physical store,
Amazon home of Christmas in place for two weeks..
During the expo the idea came up to give people the possibility
to buy Starbucks products online via Amazon
so you can get some of the delicious coffee directly from your computer

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